You may have noticed that I don’t provide the macros with the recipes on my website or in my cooking class, and there’s a darn good reason for that:

Unless you use the EXACT same ingredients with the EXACT same brand name, in the EXACT same quantities, and make NO changes to the recipe, and the servings are the EXACT same portions as mine, your macros will be different, most likely VERY different, than mine.

We’re talking the level of exactness on the order of using the very same brand of ingredient, because another brand is going to have a slightly different macro content. THAT kind of exact.

Additionally, if your idea of one serving is even slightly different than what I calculated one serving to be, then the macros won’t line up.

The best way to figure out the macros for your recipes is to go to the USDA Food Composition Database and look up each ingredient.

Once you get the nutritional date for each ingredient, use a tracking app such as FatSecret or My Fitness Pal, and enter the information for each ingredient you used, then divide the total nutritional info by the number of servings you got from your dish. This is the best way to get the right macros for what you’ve cooked.

This is why any macro information I provide will be incorrect, and it’s why I don’t provide it.

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments, I’m always here to help ­čÖé

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