It’s finally cold here in Sacramento.  I know, I know.  It’s not really that cold, but for us it is!  LOL  And when it’s cold and it’s December, it’s perfect hot chocolate weather!

Back in my pre-keto days, hot chocolate meant buying those pre-made packs of hot chocolate mix, throwing them into hot water, and mixing.  Well, to that I say a hearty “YUCK!”  Those days of watery cheap sugary hot chocolate are no more!

My friend Carrie Brown has created a recipe for hot chocolate that is not only the best hot chocolate ever, but it’s KETO!  And dairy free!

Feast your eyes on this deliciousness that really is the best hot chocolate ever, then hustle your bustle over to the recipe on Carrie’s website to make your very own.  You can enjoy this heavenly deliciousness, too!

The whipped cream is also quick and easy. I used about a half cup of heavy whipping cream, added a few drops of liquid Stevia for sweetness and about a teaspoon of vanilla. Why a teaspoon? Cuz I love vanilla! LOL after adding that I used the Whisk extension on my immersion stick and whipped it until stiff peaks formed.


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