My second week of my 30 day carnivore experiment was good.  The sweet cravings have completely disappeared, and I’ve been enjoying beef, eggs, and cheese.

I cooked a chuck roast in the crockpot, and for a few days I had chopped roast with steamed duck eggs that had a lovely creamy yolk.  So good!  I enjoyed hamburgers on some other days, still my favorite.

This 30 day experiment ends on October 16th, perfect timing since I’ll be teaching a keto dessert cooking class the evening of the 19th, followed by the keto potluck and movie I’ll be hosting on Saturday, the 20th.  The movie, by the way, is The Perfect Human Diet.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy a bit of the 2 desserts we’ll be making at my dessert cooking class, and while I plan to stay carnivore at the potluck as much as possible, I may also sample a few things here and there.

Oh!  I also bought a sample pack of keto bread and cookies from Yez! Foods, so I’ll be tasting those and sharing my feedback once this 30 day experiment is over.

I haven’t been tracking anything during this experiment, partly because I can’t find my glucometer, and also because I’ve been avoiding the scale due to what I estimate to be about a 20 pound gain.  If I don’t get on the scale, it didn’t happen, right?  LOL!

I’ll be looking for my glucometer and will dust off my Ketonix after this 30 day experiment is done because I’ll be planning a tighter 28 day carnivore experiment with the elimination of coffee and cream.  I’ll continue to eat beef, butter, cheese, eggs, and will try to find some tallow to add along with all of that, and my primary drink will be water, or an extremely pale tea (I use 1 tea bag to make 1 gallon of tea in my iced tea maker).

Tracking will also include my measurements and the *gulp* scale.  Not because I live and die by that number, but for the information.

Moving on to a couple of other things, my sleep is really sound!  Now to work on getting to sleep earlier.  So much that I want to do, so little time!

Another question people have with carnivore is regarding bowel movements.  Those are just fine.  No constipation, no diarrhea.

I do have a dress that I’ve been using as a barometer to see if I’m losing inches.  After 2 weeks, it seems to be a bit looser, but this first 30 day experiment has been more about getting cravings under control and eliminating the non-carnivore foods and drinks I was having than being focused on weight loss.

The upcoming 28 day carnivore experiment isn’t going to be all about weight loss, either, although that will be part of it.

As for exercise, I haven’t done anything focused in some time, but should probably consider adding exercise back in, specifically strength/resistance training.  I’ll ponder that over the next 2 weeks.

So there you have my review of week 2!  Feel free to ask questions, comment, share suggestions.  I love hearing from you!

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