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Obesity is actually a hormonal issue, not an matter of eating like a pig and being lazy. Once you learn that and understand how the hormones work – specifically insulin and leptin – you know what you need to do to manipulate those hormones to get your body to begin losing weight and getting healthy.   As I always tell my clients and people who attend my meetups, every bite of food is a hormonal signal to your body that sets a process in motion.

Here is a very simplified explanation. For those who want more detail, I’ve listed some articles and YouTube videos at the end of this post.

Carbs, ALL carbs – sugars AND all grains – are converted into glucose by our body.  When glucose is present in our system, our pancreas releases insulin.

Insulin takes that glucose and stores it as fat. The primary job of insulin is to store fat.

Leptin’s job is to tell your brain that your fat cells are full.

Insulin also blocks leptin from working.

When there is too much insulin in your body, leptin can’t get to your brain to tell it that you’re full. This is called leptin resistance, which is a vicious cycle.

Your brain thinks you’re starving, so it does two things: It makes you hungry because it thinks you need food, and it reduces your energy levels to conserve the energy that you have. It thinks you don’t have enough fat stored for energy even though you do.

The way to gain control of all of this is to minimize the amount of carbs you eat.  Fewer carbs = less insulin = less fat storage = weight loss begins to happen.

Basically, insulin resistance, the root cause of type 2 diabetes, can more accurately be called carb intolerance. You can learn about this in more detail in a book titled, “The Obesity Code” by Dr. Jason Fung.

This is why the Keto way of eating is a great way to get insulin resistance, metabolic disorder, and associated conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes reversed…not cured, they never go away and if you go back to your old way of eating those issues are very likely to return, but reversed.

For a quick overview of the Ketogenic way of eating, I recommend this article: The Ketogenic Diet, by

If you want to learn more about the insulin-fat connection, I recommend this article: The Insulin/Fat Connection

Here are some videos that go into more detail on this topic:

Dr. Jason Fung, The Aetiology of Obesity

Dr. Robert Lustig, The Complete Skinny on Obesity

Dr. Robert Lustig, The Cause of Obesity

This is just some of what I’ve learned through my research since I started Keto, and it’s been an eye-opener for sure!

I realize this is contrary to everything we’ve been told for the last 50 years, but when you look at the incredible rise in obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and so many other non-communicable health issues over these last decades, it makes you wonder why this only started happening now.

Even if you doubt me (and I expect many to doubt what I shared here), please visit these links and do your own research. You should always be doing that 🙂

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