I discovered Keto in 2015, one year after I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes with an A1C of 10, along with high blood pressure.  At my highest, I weighed just over 300 pounds and felt hopeless and ugly.  Dieting frustrated me because I always felt deprived, and after every diet I tried, I would regain weight.  The calories-in/calories-out method of weight loss was discouraging and I felt hopeless, and that I was always going to be fat. My future looked depressing, and my health was getting worse.

Three years later, I’m in the 160s, close to my goal of 150, and I’m in better health at 53 than I ever was before!  My Type 2 Diabetes is completely reversed, my blood pressure is normal, and I’m off all medications.  Instead of always feeling tired and having aching joints and feet all the time, now I have energy and enjoy activities like hiking and trail walks as well as weekly strength training at the gym.   I also enjoy a weekly sprint interval session at local parks.

Keto has not only improved my health and helped me lose weight, but it has given me hope as well as a passion for a fantastically healthy, fun, and active life that I love, and I look forward to enjoying it for the rest of my life

Being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes is a gift that changed my life for the better.  I’d heard that Type 2 Diabetes was a progressive disease and there was no cure, but I also recalled hearing that you could avoid insulin shots by controlling your diet, and that started me on a search that led me into discovering the Ketogenic way of eating and living.

Since then, I’ve been learning everything I can about Keto and health through podcasts, reading, online presentations, and conferences, and it’s increased my  passion to  share the Ketogenic way of eating and living with others to help them regain their health and through that, a better and happier life.

I’ve been coaching and mentoring friends, family, coworkers, and members of my community for success with the Ketogenic lifestyle. I leads meetups in the Sacramento region teaching people about the Ketogenic lifestyle as well as teaching Ketogenic cooking classes.  My future goals include becoming a Nutritional Therapy Consultant and learning more about strength training and maybe even learning to deadlift.

I see Keto not just as a way of eating, but also as a mindset and invigorating lifestyle.  The Ketogenic way of living is holistic, and my approach to coaching covers all aspects, including food, mindset, attitude, fitness, and anything else that is important to you.  I can help you develop a way of eating that is as simple or creative as you like, is delicious, and  that fits into your lifestyle and budget; one that you will love and can sustain for the rest of your life.

My lifelong experiences with being overweight have given me a compassionate understanding for others struggling with their weight, as well as a passion for sharing the Ketogenic lifestyle because of the incredible health gains I’ve seen in myself and in those I coach.  My goal is to help people see that a permanent Ketogenic way of living is easy and sustainable, and I will help you learn how to make Keto work for you and make this a permanent lifestyle change that you will love.


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