I’m 6 days into my 30 day carnivore experiment, and it’s going well!  Other than my coffee, I’ve had a bit of 100% dark chocolate almost every day, and by a bit I mean one square of Ghiradelli 100% dark chocolate.  I’ll get into the reasons of that soon.

It’s been a delicious experiment!  I started the week having pork sausage with duck eggs, and while it was good it wasn’t really hitting the spot.  I do enjoy sausage, but I’m learning that it just doesn’t satisfy me as much as beef.

I’m starting my mornings with my keto coffee, and I’ve cut out all the sweeteners.  To up the fat content a bit and add a little flavor, I’ve been using Tin Star Food’s brown butter as well as some heavy whipped cream.  To make it easier to enjoy iced coffee, I buy Stōk unsweet black coffee and use that instead of making my own iced coffee at work.  Last week I used Trader Joe’s shelf-stable whipping cream, but I’m going back to my raw heavy cream this week.  I love the stuff!

As I mentioned  the sausage and eggs weren’t really doing it for me, so on a while while I was shopping at Trader Joe’s on Wednesday evening I browsed the meat section and found the shaved beef!  Oh, it looked sooooo good, so I bought a package along with Trader Joe’s new roasted garlic and herb butter, and I sauteed the beef in the garlic herb butter.  I had it at work the next day with 2 scrambled duck eggs and some Boursin shallot and chive cheese.  Oh, wow!  Did that do it for me!  I was happy and satisfied, and didn’t deal with any appetite or cravings the rest of the day.  Well, almost no cravings.  I’ll talk about those now.

Prior to this experiment, I added sweetener to my morning keto coffee, and I really looked forward to it every single day.    Looking  back now, I can see that it was becoming an addiction, but I didn’t realize it at the time.  My first few days of this experiment were a surprise to me in that I had ferocious cravings for that coffee, and they were almost constant.  That’s where the asmall amounts of chocolate I had almost every day came in.  They helped me over the mentail hurdle of no sweeteners, and I think I’m finally over the worst of it.  Thank God!

I haven’t weighed myself, tracked my blood sugar, or measured ketones.   I may do that later, but for now it’s simply about eating only animal prodcuts (or 99% animal products) and seeing what happens.  I’m very likely to continue this way of eating most of the time, with the exception of my keto cooking classes and some family events.  Even then I’ll limit non-animal foods and enjoy the meat instead.

Sunday afternoons are my prep for the week, and right now I have 2 chuck roasts in the crockpot for the coming week, and there are duck eggs in the refrigerator.  The duck eggs are more expensive, but they are so worth it!  I am also going to cube and fry some panela cheese to have the with the roast and eggs for a little extra something.

So there you have it!  I don’t think I’m seeing any physical changes yet, but I definitely notice that my cravings for sweets are nearly gone.  I didn’t have any of the 100% dark chocolate yesterday or today, and I am not wanting any.  I also didn’t eat yesterday because I wasn’t hungry.  I may not be eating today, either.

Look for my next weekly update coming up next Sunday!


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