What is a 30 day carnivore experiment?  Well, it’s 30 days of eating only animal-sourced food.  Basically, if it’s an animal product, it’s ok to eat.

For the next 30 days I’ll be strictly carnivore with the exception of my morning coffee, a light iced tea throughout the day, the occasional sparkling water or Bang energy drink, and spices.

What will my menu consist of?  Well, for this coming week I’ll be enjoying the following:

Ground sausage and beef
Duck eggs

My meals will look something like this, which is what I enjoyed at work on Friday:

That meal was so good!  I’m looking forward to more of it this week.  I usually do my food prep on Sunday afternoons, then portion everything out and take it all to work on Monday.  That’s what I’m doing right now.  The sausage crumbles are frying, and after they’ve cooled I’ll portion them into 5 servings, one for each day.  I’ll bring the raw duck eggs to work, along with the butter.

To prepare my meal, I melt some butter in that casserole dish, then pour in a portion of sausage crumbles, crack a couple of raw eggs over it, season it with salt and pepper, cover the dish with foil, then bake it at 325 degrees in a toaster oven for 25 to 30 minutes.

That’s what comes out…pure deliciousness!

For this coming week, my daily menu will look something like this:

  • Coffee with a couple of tablespoons of heavy whipping cream and some unflavored collagen powder, then water and unsweetened iced tea during the day
  • Sausage with butter and 2 duck eggs seasoned with salt and pepper
  • An egg or two fried in butter if I’m hungry in the evening.

I’m planning to eat only when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full, not to a schedule.  I need to get back in tune with my body’s hunger signals, and I also need to get to bed and to sleep earlier than I have been.

During the next 30 days I’ll be sharing about my progress, and also sharing information as I read up more on carnivore and the health benefits.

This article from L. Amber O’Hearn is a great place to start!

Eat Meat. Not Too Little. Mostly Fat.

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